Rejser til Somaliland

Hvis du vil besøge landet, der ikke er et land, så er Somaliland det helt rigtige sted at tage til. Landet er ikke officielt internationalt anerkendt, og sådan har det været siden løsrivelsen fra Somalia i 1991.

Selvom Somaliland ikke officielt eksisterer, så ligger det nu alligevel på Afrikas Horn ud til Adenbugten.

På trods af sin unge alder og at landet slet ikke findes, så byder det overraskende nok på masser af historie, kultur og natur.

Størstedelen af landet består af bjerge. Hovedstaden Hargeisa ligger i 1.500 meters højde, men ved kysten ud mod Adenbugten er der et tørt og varmt bælte af slette.

Somaliland kan på mange måder anses for at være en af de sidste uopdagede områder, som Afrika har at byde på.

Fra den moderne hovedstad Hargeisa til den gamle havn i Berbera, fra ørkensamfund med nomadekultur til noget af den bedste klippekunst kontinentet har at byde på….. ja, du læste rigtigt – klippekunst.

Det kan undre, at der ikke er flere med hang til at udforske og rejse i fjerne egne af verden, der har fået øje på Somalilands finurlige charme.

Somaliland har nemlig lige præcis den der særlige atmosfære over sig, der lover den rejsende en oplevelse ud over det sædvanlige.

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Happy Lama Travels eksklusive grupperejser i Somaliland foregår i små internationale grupper med lokal engelsktalende rejseleder. Derfor er rejsebeskrivelserne på engelsk.

En lokal rejseleder kender sit land bedre end en dansk rejseleder. Det er desuden vores erfaring at en lokal rejseleder giver dig et bedre indblik i, hvordan livet leves i Somaliland.

Passer rejsedatoerne dig ikke eller vil du selv have maksimal indflydelse på dit rejseprogram – Kontakt os hvis du ønsker et tilbud på en individuel rejse i Somaliland.

Trip Summary

Somaliland is not Somalia. A self declared independent state unrecognised by the rest of the world; Somaliland has its own government and currency and has escaped the chaos that has engulfed its notorious cousin. Perched on the Horn of Africa and bordered by the Red Sea, Somaliland is a country of proud traditions born out of its largely nomadic heritage, keen to welcome visitors. This short trip gives the intrepid traveller a unique insight into a country that does not officially exist. Starting in the capital Hargeisa we wander the markets and soak up the atmosphere before heading to Baligubadle where we meet local nomadic communities and learn about the challenges they face in this parched corner of the continent. After visiting the eastern towns of Arabsiyo and Gabiley, we then travel to the spectacular rock art site of Las Geel – one of the most impressive examples of prehistoric art in Africa. From here we journey to the coastal city of Berbera with its colonial architecture and discover the stunning scenery around Sheikh before heading back to the capital, Hargeisa. But Somaliland is above all characterised by its people – facing some of the harshest conditions on our planet, hindered in their efforts at international recognition by an underserved association, yet some of the friendliest and most exuberant people you will ever meet.

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Day 1 – Hargeisa

Arrive in Hargeisa and transfer to your hotel, where the rest of the day is free to relax. Overnight Hotel Mansoor or similar. (D)

Somaliland’s capital is a manageable city, with a relatively small population and fairly low-key in character. Founded at the turn at the 20th century, it became the capital of British Somaliland during the colonial period, to be later superseded by Mogadishu following independence and unification with the former Italian colony. It would be difficult to describe Hargeisa as being packed full of ‘must-see’ sights – it is Largely destroyed during the civil war of the 1980s, today it is a fairly modern city, but its attraction lies in its general ambience. With a relaxed feel to the city, Hargeisa, it’s not uncommon for locals to approach you to start up a conversation – you will undoubtedly of much interest as one of the few travellers there. In the afternoon, the city takes on a decidedly languid feel as much of the population indulges in the national pastime of chewing khat, a mild stimulant that is chewed to release its effects. As you might expect, Hargeisa has some large markets, selling everything one can imagine – of particular note are the money changers with their bricks of Somali shillings. The one ‘sight’ that you can’t miss is the Civil War Memorial, consisting of a crashed MiG fighter jet mounted on a podium. Hargeisa doesn’t have the ‘wow’ factor of some other African cities, but it more than makes up for it with quirky charm and friendly inhabitants.

Day 2 – Hargeisa

Spend the morning exploring the city and seeing some of its sights, including the War Memorial with its unusual monument of a crashed MiG fighter plane, the markets – including the gold and khat markets – and a traditional Somali house. Overnight Hotel Mansoor or similar. (BLD)

Day 3 – Arabsiyo - Dhagah Khoure - Gabiley - Jufo - Borama

A full day excursion eastwards, visiting the town of Arabsiyo and its valleys, on the way to Gabiley. Gabiley is known as the breadbasket of Somaliland and is renowned for its agriculture. We will also visit the rock art site at Dhagah Khoure and then to Borama, for the night. Overnight Hotel Rays Borama. (BLD)

Day 4 – Borama - Jufo - Hargeisa

Borama is an important education centre and is the home of the historic Amoud University. The first post war institution of higher learning throughout Somaliland. Morning Borama sightseeing and Amoud University then back to Hargeisa. On the way back we stop at the nomadic settlement of Jufo, before returning to Hargeisa. Overnight Hotel Mansoor or similar. (BLD)

Day 5 – Las Geel - Berbera

Travel to the caves of Las Geel, where rock art dating back 5,000 years has been found – one of the best preserved examples in all of Africa and a real highlight of the trip. After visiting the site we continue to Berbera on the coast, with its interesting architecture from both the Ottoman and British periods, which we explore. Overnight Hotel Mansoor or similar. (BLD)

Las Geel
The paintings at Las Geel are perhaps one of the most important rock art sites in all of Africa. Dating back at least 5000 years, Las Geel consists of a complex of caves and rock shelters, the most significant of which is a 100 square metre surface with at least 250 individual paintings. The figures depicted here are cattle, giraffe, and hunters accompanied by dogs, among others, and they are exceptionally well preserved, making this a real delight for anyone who is even in the slightest bit interested in rock art.

Somaliland’s second city, Berbera has long been an important trading post by virtue of its position on the coast on the Gulf of Aden. Once occupied by the Ottomans, Berbera is home to a fascinating old quarter – not as well preserved as you might find elsewhere in Africa but nonetheless an interesting place to explore, with winding alleys and impressive mosques. It’s not known when the city was founded, but references to it have been made to it in Greek literature from the 1st century, and Chinese documents from the 9th century when it was described as trading in ivory and slaves. It was close to Berbera that the famed British explorers Speke and Burton were attacked by Somali warriors while waiting to proceed to the interior, narrowly escaping with their lives.

Day 6 – Berbera - Sheikh - Berbera

We spend the morning exploring Berbera. After lunch we leave the city and travel through the mountains to Sheikh, through fantastic scenery with great views of the dry plains below. At Sheikh we visit the ruins of Ferdusa, a city dating back to the 16th century. We then back to Berbera. Overnight Hotel Mansoor or similar. (BLD)

The town of Sheikh is located in the Golis Mountains, reached via a very scenic drive from Berbera. It differs from much of the rest of the country in that the altitude here means that the landscape is greener – relatively rare in such a parched region.

Day 7 – Berbera - Ga'an Libah - Hargeisa

Drive back to Hargeisa via Ga’an Libah, a tall limestone ridge that rises to an elevation of 1,720m. Overnight Hotel Mansoor or similar. (BLD)

Day 8 – Hargeisa

Transfer to the airport for your onward flight. (BL)

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